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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1992Pairing behaviour, reproduction and diet in the deep sea holothurian genus Paroriza (Holothurioidea: Synallactidae)Tyler P. A.; Et Al.
2007Palau's coral reefs show differential habitat recovery following the 1998 - bleaching eventGolbuu Y.; Et Al.
2006Paleoceanography of the Central Sea of Okhotsk during the Middle Pleistocene (350-190 ka) as inferred from micropaleontological dataBarash M. S.; Et Al.
2006Paleoenvironmental evolution of the coastal plain of marathon, greece, during the late holocene: depositional environment, climate, and sea level changesPavlopoulos K.; Et Al.
2004Paralytic shellfish poison outbreaks in the Penzé estuary: Environmental factors affecting toxin uptake in the oyster, Crassostrea gigasLassus P.; Et Al.
2013Parameter estimation of the maximum entropy distribution of significant wave heightDong S.; Et Al.
2006Parasites of the stout razor clam Tagelus plebeius (Psammobiidae) from the Southwestern Atlantic OceanVazquez N. N.; Et Al.
2007Parasitic species of the genus Blasodinium (Blastodiniphyceae) are peridinioid dinoflagellatesSkovgaard A.; Et Al.
2009Parasitological diversity of the common goby, Pomatoschistus microps (Kroyer 1838), in estuarine systems along the Portuguese coastFreitas M. V.; Et Al.
2002Partial purification and properties of phospholipase A from the Viscera of the Sea urchin Strongylocentrotus franciscanusKoyama N.; Et Al.
2009Partially standing wave measurement in the presence of steady current by use of coincident velocity and/or pressure dataDrevard D.; Et Al.
2013Particle - tracking simulation for the drift/diffusion of spilled oils in the Sea of Okhotsk with a three-dimensional, high-resolution modelOno J.; Et Al.
2008Patchiness and spatial structure of the early developmental stages of clupeiforms in the NW Mediterranean SeaF. Maynou; Et Al.
2013Pathway and variability of deep circulation around 40oN in the northwest Pacific OceanAndo K.; Et Al.
2013Patterns and Contributionols of the dynamics of net primary production by understory macroalgal assemblages in giant kelp forestsHarrer S. L.; Et Al.
2014Patterns of Alien plant invasion across coastal bay areas in Southern ChinaRen H.; Et Al.
2006Patterns of ctenophore populations in the northeastern part of the Black Sea in 2005Vinogradov M. E.; Et Al.
1998Patterns of marine turtle mortality in British waters (1992-1996) with reference to tissue contaminant levelsGodley B. J.; Et Al.
2000Patterns of shell utilization and selection in two sympatric hermit crabs (Anomura: Diogenidae) in south - eastern BrazilFloeter S. R.; Et Al.
2003Patterns of spawning and recruitment of sea bass to Bristol Channel nurseries in relation to the 1996 Sea Empress oil spillReynolds W. J.; Et Al.
Showing results 2076 to 2095 of 3190
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