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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Tác nhân gây bệnh sữa ở tôm hùm nuôi ở miền Trung Việt Nam (Milky disease - causing agents in cage cultured lobsters in center area of Vietnam)Đỗ Thị Hòa; Et Al.
2007Taking account of catchability in groundfish survey trawls: implications for estimating demersal fish biomassFraser H. M.; Et Al.
2012Tanonomic revision of the dinoflagellate Amphidoma caudata: Transfer to the genus Azadinium (Dinophyceae) and proposal of two varieties, based on morphological and molecular phylogenetic analyses.Nezan E.; Et Al.
2002Tapeinodasya Weber-van Bosse (Ceramiales, Rhodophyta): redescription of an enigmatic genus of the DasyaceaeDe Clerck O.; Et Al.
2012Target reliability of caisson sliding of vertical breakwater based on safety factorsLee C. E.; Et Al.
2011Taste buds on the external body surface and oropharyngeal cavity in Glyptosternon maculatum (Regan, 1905)Xiong D. M.; Et Al.
2010Taxonomic and ecological characterization of stomatocysts of Spumella - like flagellates (Chrysophyceae)Findenig B. M.; Et Al.
2007Taxonomic composition and growth rates of phytoplankton assemblages at the Subtropical Convergence east of New ZealandLiza Delizo; Et Al.
2003Taxonomic evaluation and Redesription of Anaspidoglanis akiri (Risch, 1987) (Siluriformes: Claroteidae)Geerinckx T.; Et Al.
2012Taxonomic revisions of morphologically similar species from two euglenoid genera: Euglena (E. Granulata and E. Velata) and Euglenaria (Eu. Anabaena, Eu. Clavata)Karnkowska-Ishikawa; A.; Et Al.
2011Taxonomic status and relationships of stichaeid fish of the genera Opisthocentrus, Pholidapus and Askoldia (Perciformes: Stichaeidae)Chereshney I. A.; Et Al.
2007Taxonomic study of Bigelowiella longifila sp. nov. (Chloraracniophyta) and a time - lapse video observation of the unique migration of amoeboid cellsOta S.; Et Al.
2006Taxonomic units, civilization, volcanism: Their inluence on the chemical composition of ostracod carapaces (Kagoshima Bay, Kyushu Island, Japan)Bodergat A. M.; Et Al.
2010Taxonomy of the Phacus oscillans (Euglenaceae) and its close ralatives - Balancing morphological and molecular featuresKarnkowska-Ishikawa; A.; Et Al.
2007Tectonic Contributionol of high frequency holocene delta switching and fluvial migration in Lingayen Gulf Bayhead, Northwestern PhilippinesRichard Z.; Et Al.
2000Temperature-dependent physiological responses of the dogwhelk Nucella lapillus to cadmium exposureLeung K. M. Y.; Et Al.
2013Temperature acclimation and heat tolerance of photosynthesis in Norwegian Saccharina latissima (Laminariales, Phaeophyceae)Andersen G. S.; Et Al.
2010Temperature effect on carbon isotopic discrimination by Undaria pinnatifida (Phaeophyta) in a closed experimental systemCarvalho De Carvalho; M.; Et Al.
1998Temporal and local variations in biochemical composition of Crassostrea gigas shellsMaria J. Almeida; Et Al.
2009Temporal and size - related variation in the diet, consumption rate, and daily ration of mackerel tauna (Euthynnus affinis) in neritic waters of eastern AustraliaGriffiths S. P.; Et Al.
Showing results 2756 to 2775 of 3190
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